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she’s so timid

it’s beautiful 


forces her to blush 

in all the right places 

every time i get a taste 

unleash – j.a.c.

memorable kiss

two drowning lovers lost at sea 

my lips adrift from yours

her scent reminded me of 

fresh picked flowers 

the memory of it 

still wet upon my lips 

memorable kiss – j.a.c.

i should probably hate you

it’s not you i hate 

i hate myself for believing in you

i had every reason not to

you wrote poetry on my body 

with your finger tips 

but marked another’s hands with ink 

your words left behind on every curve 

and so the romance continues 

i should probably hate you – j.a.c.

awakening, we the universe

When we die, we wake up

We are in a dream

and sleep is really just us dying

And when we wake up from that sleep,

we wake up into a different reality 

Every human, 

sharing the same identity 

The universe interacting with itself 

We are the being of multiple lives

at once

Each and every being,

the universe experiencing itself 

The eternal energy which appears as


awakening -j.a.c.